How to become Invisible Online

Category: Tech

Google and Social Media use cookies on our computers to collect data about our identity and sell it to advertisers. So when it comes to digital privacy, how can you cover your tracks?

Don’t Use Google! Instead you can use other web search engines such as DuckDuckGo that will not track your searches.

“Jam” Google. How you ask? Well, the online ads that follow you around are based on your searches and social posts you like. Once in a while, google something irrelevant and that will mess with the algorithm.

Try Ghostery. Ghostery is a free plug-in for web browser that blocks the trackers and lists them by category.

Lastly, be very careful on public Wi-Fi! Public Wi-Fi networks are easy to hack, even if they require a password to connect. There may be hackers near you that use free “sniffer” programs and can steal everything you’re sending or receiving (e.g. email, website contents,etc.).

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