What if your Mind could be Uploaded Online?

Category: Tech

Could mind uploading expand human experience into a virtual afterlife?

What is mind uploading? Think about a person’s brain being scanned and recreated in  computer simulation. This person’s memories, emotions and personality can be duplicated and a new version of that person can be created in an immortal, digital form.

What will happen in that scenario? What kind of jobs will people have? Many jobs require physical labor; these are the jobs that will be executed by robots and artificial intelligence. The rest of the jobs (e.g. politicians, teachers, etc.) will get done by humans and their “digital” minds.

Perhaps one day, we’ll be living in a world of digital minds who’ll be constantly accumulating experience and wisdom. The balance of power and culture will shift to the cloud and mind uploading will completely change our culture and civilisation.

Read More Here: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/oct/20/mind-uploading-brain-live-for-ever-internet-virtual-reality